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About Us

The Texas Canoe and Kayaking Racing Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting paddle sport racing in the State of Texas. The club also promotes environmental awareness and stewardship of our local waterways. The TCKRA aims to create a community around the sport by offering opportunities for beginners, enthusiasts and competitive racers alike to socialize, learn about the sport, train and race together.

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Our Story

The Texas Canoe and Kayak Racing Association is a statewide club for persons interested in paddle sport racing. The primary focus of the club is USCA and ICF class marathon racing, but other disciplines of paddle sports are promoted through TCKRA’s Race Calendar.

In 1971 a group of canoe paddlers with an interest in canoe and kayak racing joined together and formed the TCRA, which later evolved into the TCKRA.

During the past years, the organization has grown to be one of the largest canoe and kayak clubs in the state.

The club is now recognized as the voice for canoe racing in Texas and its members have gained national recognition. Each year the TCKRA organizes and sponsors the Texas State Canoe and Kayak Racing Championship Series. These championship-level race events complement the other annual racing events by recognizing the top competitors in a variety of paddle sport disciplines and classes.

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